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Hey, I'm Jimmy! I'm a Community Manager and narrative professional in love with the ways video games bring people together.

In my time as a CM, I've been the voice of the community within the studio, while also being the trusted voice of the studio within the community.

I want to help build inclusive and engaging spaces for players to come together, tell stories, and grow.

Relevant Skills

Relevant Skills

Relevant Experience

Relevant Experience

Over seven years of marketing experience, with a focus on Community and Content Marketing.

Game Credits

The titles I have named credits on.

Active Projects

Pre-launch campaigns I'm currently working on.

Relevant Skills

Software Competencies

Portfolio and Writing Samples

Content Portfolio

I've collected some examples of my work.

Relevant Skills

Event Management

About CM

help foster engaged and inclusive online communities. I love to see them thrive.

After languishing in a career I wasn't happy with for far too long, I decided to take active steps to pursue my passions. I undertook an undergraduate degree in English Literature (Creative Writing) around a full-time job. It helped me break into the games industry.

After working for a time as a freelance games journalist for outlets such as DualShockers, Switch Player MagMCV/DEVELOP, and Ukie, I made the transition studio-side and became a Community Manager!


As a CM for nDreams, I've worked to ensure our community is inclusive, welcoming, well-informed, empowered, and excited for the future. Through content marketing efforts and building on the foundation of our games and their lore, I've helped to create a fun, passionate, and engaged audience with additive experiences.

I launched and continue to manage our official studio Discord server, and have pushed nDreams to embrace an approachable tone of voice, being the primary driver of our external comms efforts across our social channels. Within Publishing, I work closely with the Brand Managers for each of our games to ensure our assets and activations are in line and optimised for our community and KPIs.

Being swept up in social and content isn't my whole story. I'm also a Dad, a husband, an indie dev hobbyist, and an occasional YouTuber. My channel explores something else I'm passionate about, the financial accessibility of games and having a hobby on a budget.

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