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Narrative Work

Games Writing and Narrative Design

I love the diverse ways in which stories can be told in video games and how they leave their mark on players.


I like to go beyond my role as a Community Manager and explore this area of game development as a professional collaborator and a passionate hobbyist.
Narrative design and games writing is a holistic art that should work in synergy with other disciplines/gameplay mechanics to deliver memorable moments. Please find examples of my work below.

Relevant Skills

Relevant Skills

Relevant Experience

Relevant Experience

As I have previously worked within studios without a dedicated narrative function, I've strived to make myself available to opportunities that have allowed me to assist with games writing and narrative design-focused tasks - given my discipline focus at university and my passion for creative writing.

Portfolio and Writing Samples

Writing Samples

I've collected some of my original work to showcase the skills I can bring to your project/studio. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to see more.

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